Our Wineries

Our wineries:
South Africa

«To be a growing family business, rooted in the South African wine industry, we are creating successful brands and inspired to stay innovative and be sustainable for future generations»

Our wineries:
New Zealand

«Respect for the land is central to the way we make wine, so we employ sustainable practices to give back to the land that gives so much to us»

Looking after the land that has sustained generations, is important to our operations today. Our commitment is brought to life through our sustainability program.

Winery focus on soil health, water conservation, and enhancing the ecology in our vineyards. From our inter-row cover crop planting, which helps to prevent soil compaction and introduces valuable nutrients to the land, to spreading grape marc back into our vineyards, to grazing sheep in our vines during the winter season, and using smart technologies to ensure our water use is minimal, we always look for new ways to look after the natural resources of the land.

We’re a proud member of Sustainable Wine Growing New Zealand (SWNZ) which is widely recognized as a world-leading sustainability program.

Our wineries: Australia

«Sustainability is in our DNA. From the way we’re improving our soils and the way we run our winery through to our harmonious relationship with partners like traditional owners, academic institutions and the NSW Government, caring for nature is to our core»

Our wineries: Chile

«Innovations and modernization for solid sustainable commitments is our core values”
We received the certificate that we have complied 100% with the Goals and Actions, contained in the Second Clean Production Agreement, signed between the Wine Industry and the Government of Chile through the Ministry of Economy and the “Council National Clean Production, as recorded in the consolidated records


Established facilities, colonial architecture. Nowadays it is one of the oldest wineries in Mendoza still in production.

In this world of a growing population, the need for affordable, safe, and good quality products is rising. Consumers are more aware and demand products that are socially and environmentally responsible. In response to consumers’ demand and alignment to the company’s long-term vision, our winery is committed to ensuring the quality and food safety of the products, in addition to complying with current national and international regulations. In a framework of continuous training of employees, social commitment, and environmentally friendly practices